Telephone: (00) 974 44134400 / 44134837
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (00) 974 44134846

Telephone: (00) 974 44134400 / 44134837
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (00) 974 44134846

Services offered at Homes 2 Rent

Homes 2 Rent understands the needs of people in transition and offers the following welcome to Doha services to address those needs:

Welcome to Doha video: A scenic tour of sights and sounds of Qatar.

Temporary Accommodation: We will arrange the booking of hotels and short term accommodation.

Meet and Assist: Our clients are greeted at the airport and transported to their hotel or accommodation.

Good Morning Doha: We will arrange to meet you at our office and discuss your requirements.

Orientation Tour: We will arrange a tour to help you and your family get acquainted with Doha.

School and Educational services: Assisting in finding the right school and curriculum for your family. Setting up the school tours and providing you with information and fees.

Visa’s, Medical and Examination and Finger Printing: We are able to provide personal assistance to assist in the acquisition of the above documents.

Information on Opening a Bank Account: We will provide information required for the opening of a bank account in Doha.

Car lease or Purchase: Our staff can provide assistance whether your need is short term or a purchase.

Real Estate Tour: We supply you with an overview of the current rental market and one of our leasing managers will assist with the viewing of property options.

Rental Terms: For your security we will check the terms and conditions of your lease.

Inspection Guide: We will inspect the rental property for problems and compile an inventory.

Child Care and Maid Services: Whether its an evening out or a full time care for your child, experienced help is available.


“Homes2rent helped me quickly get a place to live in Qatar at a great price and having the property fully furnished and setup meant I could work straight away with no downtime”.


Homes 2 Rent
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